Carole Law’s Liquid Crystal – Original Healing Remedies.

Carole Law’s Liquid Crystal – Original Healing Remedies.

Carole Law started working with and collecting crystals nearly 30 years ago and the inception of her  Original Healing Remedies is the result of many years of research and work with crystals. The main focus of this work is in the healing field and is aimed at assisting both animals and humans in distress or who are in need of specific treatments which are holistic and non-invasive.  These Healing Remedies are homeopathic in nature and are of great benefit to animals as well as humans as they work energetically at a cellular level and are easy to administer. In addition to this, they are non-toxic and do not contain any chemicals whatsoever.

Amongst the special remedies for pets presently on offer:-

A treatment called “Itchy Skin & Hot Spots” which is very successful for that itchy skin and those hot spots! R120.00 for drops & spray.

A treatment called “Pacify” which is to calm a pet who is over excited or frightened by thunder or fireworks.

A treatment called “Allergy” which is for the treatment of pets with allergies.

We’ve treated our cat, Boots with the “Itchy Skin and Hot Spots” drops and we’ve seen a marked improvement in his tired and shabby skin and coat. We’re about to start a second bottle of drops on him; we can confidently recommend Carole’s drops for this skin condition.

There are 15 Human Healing Remedies, to name a few: Anxiety, Well-being, Depression, Bad circulation, Period pain and Headache, Anti-age. All drops are R70.00 each and sprays R50.00 each.

The cost of a Special Consultation including the specially made up treatment is R250.00 (excluding postage & packaging for outside of Port Elizabeth – add an extra R80.00 for an overnight bag, nationally)

Carole also sells her Healing Remedies from “The Granary Market” on Stanley Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth. This market occurs on the first Wednesday of every month,  from 4pm-9pm. Carole enjoys a prime spot right at the entrance, what a superb and warm welcome to The Granary experience:)

Contact Carole:

Cell:            084 547 1866
Tel:              041 585 2792
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non-toxic and no chemicals

Non-toxic and no chemicals

original healing remedies by carole law

Original Healing Remedies by Carole Law

carole law

Carole Law

carole law's liquid crystal

Carole Law’s Liquid Crystal

the granary market in full swing

The Granary Market in full swing

carole law's original healing remedies for sale

Carole Law’s Original Healing Remedies for sale

carole law's liquid crystal for sale

Carole Law’s Liquid Crystal for sale

carole's stand at the granary market

Carole’s stand at The Granary Market


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