Colour explosion at Wezandla Arts and Craft Gallery, Port Elizabeth.

Colour explosion at Wezandla Arts and Craft Gallery, Port Elizabeth.

Needing a burst of energy? Needing to see, smell, touch and feel Africa?  Consider then visiting “Wezandla Arts and Craft Gallery”- Port Elizabeth’s largest African craft centre. This gallery pulses with African energy, vibrant colour explosions with wall to wall craftmanship. Adding to the mix is an aromatic coffee swirl in the air and decadent carrot and chocolate cakes for the sweet tooth.

For diverse, fascinating gifts with an African flavour, take  your time strolling through “Wezandla Arts and Craft Gallery”. They cater for local South Africans going abroad as well as visitors from around the globe. They boast a wide collection of wire craft, wooden carvings, t-shirts, tablecloths as well as transitional art (goodies made from recycled materials) hand-painted eggs, a wall of African masks, assorted handbags, cushion covers, coasters, cosmetic bags made from springbuck, buffalo and antelope skins and heavily laden tables holding shweshwe fabrics. Bead and wire items as well as corporate gifts with an African touch can be made to your specifications. Wezandla is the official stockist of Ardmore products. Wow Wezandla! So much on offer!

The formal name for shweshwe is ‘indigo-dyed discharge printed fabric’. Historians claim that indigo cloth arrived in Africa more than 2000 years ago, was used as trade goods by the Arabs and Indians. It really took off in South Africa when German settlers introduced it to the Xhosa people in the mid 1800s. Shweshwe is a stiff cotton fabric that initially came from India and was heavily starched to fight off the damp in the ships’ storage compartments as it crossed the ocean to the Eastern Cape.
Xhosa women took a look at these wondrous bolts of cloth, fell in love with the shweshwe fabric and made it their own.

Words on Shweshwe fabric taken from:

Where to find Wezandla? only a few kilometres from Dempsey’s in Walmer, :-
37 Parliament Street
Port Elizabeth
Tel:  041 585 1185
Trading hours: 08.30 -16.45
Facebook: Wezandla Art and Craft Gallery

colour explosion at wezandla

Colour explosion at Wezandla

great variety of shweshwe materials

Great variety of Shweshwe materials

springbok leather goods at wezandla

Springbok leather goods at Wezandla

crafts decor with ostrich egg shell at wezandla

Crafts decor with ostrich egg shell at Wezandla

carved ostrich egg lampshades

Carved ostrich egg lampshades

Ardmor at Wezandla

Ardmor at Wezandla

bright entrance to wezandla

Bright entrance to Wezandla

choice, choice, choice

Choice, choice, choice



more ardmor, refreshingly different

More Ardmor, refreshingly different

yes, the beadwork is embedded in glass!

Yes, the beadwork is embedded in glass!

dolly delight

Dolly delight

something for everyone at wezandla

Something for everyone at Wezandla