Friendship blossoming between Boots and Bunnikins.

Friendship blossoming between Boots and Bunnikins.

This gorgeous bunny just arrived in our garden at Dempsey’s awhile back. We have since learnt that he belongs to our neighbours who live over the road from us, that his name is Bunnikins, ( BK for short) and that he is a ‘free spirited’ bunny. He digs his way out of his hutch at home, goes ‘walkabout’ and comes and goes as he pleases. He lives with a few dogs and apparently gets on well with them and they don’t seem to mind him either. We see him daily for a few days and then he departs for about a week and then he returns to quietly bounce around the garden and to chomp on the grass and weeds.
He seems to fancy our Boots, he always wants to be near him, bounces around after him just wanting to play. Initially Boots ignored BK but lately he has shown some interest and has tried to ‘swipe’ BK a couple of times but BK just comes back for more attention:) It is so sweet to witness. Bunnikins has crept into our hearts.


curious bk

Curious BK


boots and bunnikins

Boots and Bunnikins


mellow spot

Mellow spot


lavender shade

Lavender shade



  1. Oh sweet man! Would love to see BK bouncing and Boots swiping. Free entertainment at Dempsey’s 🙂 And good bunny to eat the weeds!

  2. So Sweet Kathy. Wish Liezel and Elizabeth could see the 2 friends interacting. Will make for some great photography!

  3. Bunnikins knows a good guest house when he sees one! Boots, we know you enjoy having your new friend visit you, but ‘way to go’ keeping up kitty appearances with the odd swipe. Love this story.