Go to “Style Shades and Lamps” for all your lamps and shades.

Go to “Style Shades and Lamps” for all your lamps and shades.



shades at gio caffe

Shades at Gio Caffe

for raak restaurant owners annette and wehrner lemmer

For RAAK Restaurant owners Annette and Wehrner Lemmer

style shades and lamps

Style Shades and Lamps

afrikaans fabric

Afrikaans fabric

volpes advert

Volpes advert

superb example

Superb example

beaded lamp shade

Beaded lamp shade

selection of shades at the showroom

Selection of shades at the showroom

and more

and more

“Style Shades and Lamps” is a family-run business that was established in 1988. Derrick Alcock and his granddaughter, Michele, and their team, design and manufacture lamp shades and lamps, making all sizes of shades, from chandeliers to standing lamps. Their shades are made from the highest quality fabric and are decorated with beads, pom-poms and braids to their client’s specifications when requested. Style Shades and Lamps supply custom made lamp shades to a national linen group, the hospitality industry, interior decorators and members of the public.

Michele on restoring old to new:- “I love taking really old frames and fixing them up – whether you make them look like they originally did or modernise them with funky new fabrics and fancy beads, they always seem to look great! Timeless shades is what they are.”

Examples of Style Shades’ work and designs can be found at The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World.

See in the photos below an example of their flair: unique frames for Annette and Wehrner Lemmer for their new restaurant RAAK in Port Elizabeth. Colorful Style Shades adorn PE’s beachfront restaurant Gio Caffe.

In November 2011, a Style Shades and Lamps featured in a house & leisure advert for Volpes, the Linen Company.

Bring your lamp and shade ideas to “Style Shades and Lamps” –  antique to retro, they are ready for the challenge!


Where to find Style Shades and Lamps:-

53 Venter Ave


Port Elizabeth

South Africa


Contact Style Shades and Lamps:-

Derrick:     082 253 2460

Michele:     074 127 8830

E-mail:       info@styleshades.co.za


Tel:             +27 (0)41 379 2609   Fax: 086 656 6572

Web:          www.styleshades.co.za


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