Guest review from: Piet and Lida.

Dear Jack and Kathy
Rather late than never! We want to thank you both for the wonderful two-night stay at your guesthouse. The unit was so beautiful and well equipped and the spot was perfect. Piet and I enjoyed it so much. We will highly recommend your guesthouse to our visitors. Thanks again and we trust that you will have a wonderful high season!
Warm regards,
Piet & Lida Champion

Piet and Lida
booked out of Dempseys on 18/07/2016.

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  1. Hi there Piet and Lida! Ah thanks so very much for your great review, always super to receive and no worry about it being later than the norm. Thank you in anticipation for the referrals, we would like to reciprocate and even visit one day:)
    Best in service. Kind regards from us both.