“Home Cooked Meals” for Dempsey’s guests

“Home Cooked Meals” for Dempsey’s guests

“Home Cooked Meals” moved a few years ago…to 129 Fordyce Road, Walmer

We used to own “Bruno’s Restaurant” and for many years food was our subject. Now at our Dempsey’s Guest House, food is now last on our list! Our guest house is strictly self catering and so we refer our guests to “Home Cooked Meals’ for their meals. This bright and cheerful store is owned by Eugene and Adele – good food and great service always. They are located on 8th Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. They produce delicious home cooked meals such as roast lamb, pork, beef and chicken served with an assortment of veges, crispy potatoes and wholesome gravy. Generous portions and reasonable prices. “Home Cooked Meals” also offer an array of farm stall goods such as jams, pickles,cookies, fudges, pies and much more. Recently Eugene and Adele have extended their store to incorporate all these delightful delectables. Watch them grow!


8th Avenue

Walmer, Port Elizabeth


Tel: 041 581 8207

Hours of Trading:-

Mon – Thurs:  10.30am to 6pm

Friday:               10am to 6pm


Sundays:             9.30am to 1.30pm

home cooked meals

Home Cooked Meals for Dempsey’s Guests

Spring for Dempsey's SPRING SPECIAL:

From 1 September to 30 November 2019 Dempsey's Guest House is offering a 15% discount on accommodation.

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