Images of the interesting  “Route 67 Art Works” in PE, Dec 2012

Images of the interesting “Route 67 Art Works” in PE, Dec 2012

On a bright sunny morning in December, we set off on a walk with staff and friends of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism along the “Route 67 Art Works” walk. The walk was well guided by Dorelle Sapere who is the Planning and Development Manager of the Mandela Bay Development Agency-the right person to unwrap the story of the fascinating art works and their significance; she delivered with professional flair.

The Mandela Bay Development Agency in conjunction with the National Lottery Distribution Fund, launched a public art campaign in 2009 on the Donkin Reserve, Port Elizabeth. 67 pieces of public art are strategically placed around the Port Elizabeth CBD. Route 67 aims to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 67-year role in South African politics and to bring tourists to the historical centre of the city. The route meanders through the CBD taking visitors past some of the Bay’s oldest monuments, Art Nouveau architecture and a series of open-air artworks. This is a milestone project that celebrates Madiba’s 67 years of public life and his contribution to the freedom struggle of South Africa. The Route 67 walk starts at the Campanile in Strand street and then winds it way through the CBD and all the way up to the Great Flag on the Donkin Reserve. The walk is symbolic of the struggle that Madiba and fellow comrades underwent during South Africa’s very trying past under racial oppression and apartheid – it’s meant to be a symbol of hope for the youth and new generations to follow and to say that the struggles of the past were not in vain.

Please be advised that Fischer’s Art Gallery will be closing.  This should be effective as from 15th September 2014.  Until then we will be open but mainly to give back art works on display. The Jewellery e.g. Elephant Hair Jewellery and Hall marked Silver animals, will be going to Fischer’s Boardwalk. 

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Deirdre Moser


  1. Route 67 really has the potential to become an iconic Port Elizabeth attraction. Your pictures are great!

    • Thank you Firefly and we agree about Route 67 being an iconic PE attraction. Dorelle needs to be booked for regular tours!

  2. Now people can see that Port Elizabeth is in fact a GREAT tourist attraction! Great article