Scenic Flamingo Trail with NMBT September 2013.

Scenic Flamingo Trail with NMBT September 2013.

On a gorgeous Saturday morning in September, we set off on The Flamingo Trail with staff and members from Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and The Zwartkops Conservancy. Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism hosted various outings throughout the month of September : “Tourism Month”.

The Zwartkops Conservancy is a non-profit organisation – all funds generated from membership fees  and donations are used  for conservancy work such as: monthly riverbank cleanup, pollution monitoring, environmental education  and conservation. The Flamingo Trail runs along the banks of the Swartkops River and high up into the escarpment directly behind the riverbank. Hundreds of greater and lesser flamingoes were spotted in the distance on the river and salt pans, colourful sights to behold. The salt pan area is a very important breeding area for seabirds, including gulls, cormorants and terns. Much of the vegetation around the salt pan is salt marsh, with purple vygies adding colour.

Below are some photos of the special morning enjoyed by all. My camera is basic so I was unable to capture the close-up beauty of the flamingoes, however, the ones of the views will make up for the lack of close-ups.

Launch of Tourism Month September 2013,  aboard “The Jester”:


Redhouse village and tow path, opposite side of Flamingo Trail, Swartkops River:




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  1. It’s always great to experience something or somewhere new and it doesn’t matter how many times so many PE people say there is nothing to do in PE, I always find something new. This was a nice easy walk with beautiful views and seeing the flamingoes was a treat.