Adventurer Zakie Odendaal rests her weary feet at Dempsey’s Guest House.

Adventurer Zakie Odendaal rests her weary feet at Dempsey’s Guest House.

This brave warrior woman, adventurer Zakie Odendaal, arrived on our driveway recently to put her feet up at Dempsey’s Guest House and to recharge her battery for the next leg of her solo walk along the SA Coastline. YES, she is walking the entire South African coastline on her own, along the beaches and as close to the coastline as possible. She started her journey at Alexander Bay in September 2016 and her goal is to reach Kosi Bay, northern most part of KwaZulu-Natal, by June 2017. She is already ahead of schedule! Travelling with a tent, some good walking sticks and a few supplies, her backpack is lead-like. She trudges 7kms per hour, averaging 50kms per day.

Zakie is a freelance photographer who has had this dream for many years to walk the SA coastline, a tough personal challenge, unaided and without sponsorships. Along this walk she has given deep thought to future walks and adventures, she is considering future sponsorships so that she can raise funds to assist projects to empower and improve the lives of poverty-stricken children.

We asked her what the highlights have been along this walk so far. “The kindness of people” she replied with a beaming smile “along with magnificent nature surrounding me at every step and turn.”

And your lowlights Zakie? Without hesitation she answered: “That would definitely be negative people!”

We wished her well and dropped her off at Bluewater Bay Beach. She was quick to start walking and we watched as she powered on into the pumping east wind. Within minutes she was a mere dot on the horizon, heading for Sunday’s River and later the dunefields of Alexandria, the largest dunefields in the southern hemisphere. Our wish for you Zakie as you close in on your challenge is firm sand for solid footing, mild beautiful weather and the continued kindness of people.

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Twitter handle:- @OdendaalZakie

We have a dream…to be passengers in a helicopter flying over the SA Coastline. A couple of months would do it. Just saying, in case a mad helicopter pilot and a crazy photographer with generous sponsors… are listening:)

zakie ready for east coast trek

Zakie ready for east coast trek


quick comfort check and she's off

Quick comfort check and she’s off


bluewater bay start

Bluewater Bay start


typical dramatic landscape of sa coastline

Typical dramatic landscape of SA coastline


adventurer zakie odendaal solo walk sa coastline

Adventurer Zakie Odendaal, solo walk SA Coastline


ready, set, go

Ready, set, go


zakie soaking in the beauty of the sa coastline

Zakie soaking in the beauty of the SA coastline


zakie's night space-tight

Zakie’s night space-tight

Moving slowly through Sedgefield, S.A.

Moving slowly through Sedgefield, S.A.

We recently spent a few days slowly exploring Sedgefield and loved it! We need to share its quiet beauty and amazing ‘slow town pledge’.

The town of Sedgefield in the Garden Route of the Southern Cape, South Africa has been accredited as the first Cittaslow Slow Town in Africa and the headquarters of the slow town movement for the continent. Cittaslow (which literally means ‘slow city’) originated in Italy in 1999 and represents nearly 100 towns across the world. Abiding by a list of values aimed at improving quality of life, registered Cittaslow towns celebrate diversity of cultures and promote the specialties of their own people and surroundings.
Situated 25km from Knysna and 40km from George, Sedgefield was founded in 1929 and is known as a relaxed village with a temperate climate and strong outdoors tourism industry. It boasts unspoilt beaches, the Swartvlei River estuary, several smaller lakes, nature reserves, indigenous forests, plantations and a wide array of outdoor activities including paragliding, birdwatching, mountainbiking, fishing, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, rowing and more. The town is home to talented artists, crafters and artisans while the multi award-winning “Wild Oats Community Farmers Market” and “Scarab Craft Market” have established the town as a favourite weekend destination.

The Sedgefield Slow Town Pledge:-

A quality of life for all
Living a healthy lifestyle
Looking after our elderly
Preserving traditional food
Caring for our environment
Community decision making
Having community networks
Promoting unique town events
Encouraging our young people
Working for a sustainable future
Preserving the heritage of our town
Taking time for leisure and pleasure
Controlled growth and urban planning
Encouraging awareness and education
Our community and council working together
Creating a people friendly urban environment
Promoting local markets and unique products
Supporting our local products and businesses

More information is available from:-

André Gauché     at +27 (0)44 343 2108      or       +27 (0)82 440 0200


The above information taken directly from:

slow, the sedgefield slow town tortoise

Slow, the Sedgefield Slow Town Tortoise


end of the day tranquility

End of the day tranquility

dusk over gericke's point

Dusk over Gericke’s Point

river deep mountain high

River deep mountain high

one of the many fascinating mosaic art works found in sedgefield

One of the many fascinating mosaic art works found in Sedgefield

views to soak in at sedgefield, garden route, south africa

Views to soak in at Sedgefield, Garden Route, South Africa

the blues of winter towards gericke's point, sedgefield

The blues of winter towards Gericke’s Point, Sedgefield

we spotted whales here

We spotted whales here

mesmerizing views of flawless nature

Mesmerizing views of flawless nature

dreaming spot at sedgefield

Dreaming spot at Sedgefield

Mosaic bench view

Mosaic bench view

Morgan Bay memories, Wild Coast, S.A.

Morgan Bay memories, Wild Coast, S.A.

380kms from Port Elizabeth

Nature shows off her best at Morgan Bay which is just north of East London at the start of the Wild Coast, South Africa. She boasts majestic cliffs of dolerite slabs, shimmering river and lagoon, jaw-dropping scenery at every turn. The friendly and laid-back locals will agree that Morgan Bay is a top spot for fishing, hiking, walking, rock climbing, abseiling, bird watching, swimming, photographing and also… for doing a lot of nothing! Soak it all in. We did.

Some say Morgan Bay, others say Morgan’s Bay.

morgan bay ahead!

Morgan Bay ahead!

magnificent vistas at morgan bay

Magnificent vistas at Morgan Bay

red hot pokers on wave watch

Red hot pokers on wave watch

a bench for dreaming

A bench for dreaming

ever-changing reflections and glows of morgan bay

Ever-changing reflections and glows of Morgan Bay

dramatic ocean

Dramatic ocean

the space on headlands, wild coast, south africa...

The space on headlands, Wild Coast, South Africa…

'back to basics' living, rural wild coast, south africa

‘Back to basics’ living, rural Wild Coast, South Africa

Nguni cattle on the beach, a common sight on the wild coast

Nguni cattle on the beach, a common sight on the Wild Coast

rainy sand

Rainy sand

resting nguni cattle, transkei, wild coast, south africa

Resting Nguni cattle, Transkei, Wild Coast, South Africa

yes that's a fisherman way up high!

Yes that’s a fisherman way up high!

a fisherman takes up his perch

A fisherman takes up his perch

the splendour of the wild coast, south africa

The splendour of the Wild Coast, South Africa



Why visit us in Nelson Mandela Bay?

Why visit us in Nelson Mandela Bay?

Beautiful coastline including 40 km of sandy beaches. Lots of history and culture. Fantastic game viewing. Great restaurants. Stunning accommodation establishments. Friendly people. Just do it!