A Cat’s Poem, by Boots, ex ‘Deck Director’ at Dempsey’s.

A Cat’s Poem, by Boots, ex ‘Deck Director’ at Dempsey’s.

Written by Jack Dempsey a few years ago.

Our beloved Boots died on the 14th May. His death has left such a gap in our lives and on our deck. He was a character of note, known and loved by many in our restaurant days and by our guests here at DGH.

Happy butterfly chasing Bootsie:)

A Cat’s Poem : by Boots

I must start by saying that I have two very loyal staff and as I cannot read or write, my parents are doing it on my behalf.

I just hope that they write every word that I say…so this poem can last forever and a day!

The home I live in is so much fun, my parents love me and they are the greatest bar none.

Some things I don’t understand, just makes no sense but then I am a cat and I may be a bit dense.

boots with attitude

Boots with attitude

For instance: why can they have three meals a day but when I ask for lunch they say “No Way!?”

Why can I only have breakfast and supper? Don’t they know that I have to build up my blubber?

I show them I love them ‘cause I am always lickin’ …why can’t they buy me Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Sometimes I get catnip and that’s very nice. It makes me high…and it’s like sugar and spice!

The tinned food I get is ok but it gets a bit much, why can’t they give me steak egg and chips and such?

But after saying all this, I am a happy cat ‘cause my parents love me and I have a good home, so… that’s that.

My mother wants to cuddle and sometimes it feels good. Sometimes I only allow it ‘cause I want my food!

My Dad is okay but sometimes a pain, he calls me Bok, Bok Tjops, my Boy, … so what IS my name?

Doesn’t he know that my name is Boots and I own this place?

If you don’t believe me, ask Aunties Maggin and  Carron and Grannies Mercia and Stace!

I love you Mom and Dad and everything is good. In departing, all I can say is HURRY UP AND GIVE ME MY FOOD!

So, from the Owner, Deck Director, Mayor all rolled into one, I must say that I have found my place in the sun:)

young and playful

Young and playful

building inspector boots

Building Inspector Boots


busy boots

Busy Boots


Friendship blossoming between Boots and Bunnikins.

Friendship blossoming between Boots and Bunnikins.

This gorgeous bunny just arrived in our garden at Dempsey’s awhile back. We have since learnt that he belongs to our neighbours who live over the road from us, that his name is Bunnikins, ( BK for short) and that he is a ‘free spirited’ bunny. He digs his way out of his hutch at home, goes ‘walkabout’ and comes and goes as he pleases. He lives with a few dogs and apparently gets on well with them and they don’t seem to mind him either. We see him daily for a few days and then he departs for about a week and then he returns to quietly bounce around the garden and to chomp on the grass and weeds.
He seems to fancy our Boots, he always wants to be near him, bounces around after him just wanting to play. Initially Boots ignored BK but lately he has shown some interest and has tried to ‘swipe’ BK a couple of times but BK just comes back for more attention:) It is so sweet to witness. Bunnikins has crept into our hearts.


curious bk

Curious BK


boots and bunnikins

Boots and Bunnikins


mellow spot

Mellow spot


lavender shade

Lavender shade