Welcome colour added to Walmer Boulevard.

Welcome colour added to Walmer Boulevard.

A dreary old municipal building on Walmer Boulevard was recently given new life. A fresh coat of paint and some creative input draws attention to a somewhat interestingly-shaped building…penguin included! It’s a pity we can’t provide a ‘before’ photograph which would demonstrate the transformation.

(Search on Google maps for a ‘before’ photo:  Shell-Traingle Service Station, 177 Walmer Blvd, South End. Building is just to the right of service station )

We love colour!



bright and cheerful

Bright and cheerful

an old electrical power station on walmer boulevard.

An old electrical power station on Walmer Boulevard.

funky bus stop in the former south end

Funky bus stop in the former South End

penguin guarding the colours

Penguin guarding the colours

bus stop with a porthole

Bus stop with a porthole

Potent colour of spring ‘vygies’.

Potent colour of spring ‘vygies’.

Vygies are a family of jewel-like plants that are in full flower during September in South Africa. The widely used Afrikaans name vygie, which literally means ‘small fig’, is based on the fact that the top-like fruiting capsule also resembles a small fig. The best known spring-flowering vygies are the Drosanthemum, Delosperma and Lampranthus species. They include many small shrub-like plants as well as groundcovers and have an enormous range of flower colours.

Vygies or mesembryanthemums are truly South Africa’s most colourful plant group. Their silky-textured flowers, in just about every colour of the rainbow, will give an extraordinary luminosity to any border. With more than 1 800 species from which to choose, whatever your taste in plants and garden design, there will be a vygie to suit your fancy. Lampranthus species have smooth leaves, and large, shiny flowers. Delospermaspecies have conspicuous seed compartments, whilst the leaves of Drosanthemum species differ from those above because of their dew-like shiny cells on the epidermis, hence their common name, ice plant.

Info taken from: http://lifeisagarden.co.za/articles/burst-into-spring-with-vygies


yvygies in bloom at addo elephant park

Vygies in bloom at Addo Elephant Park


vygie bloom

Vygie bloom


rows and rows

Rows and rows


vygies at van staden's nature reserve

Vygies at Van Staden’s Nature Reserve


colour burst!

Colour burst!