A Cat’s Poem, by Boots, ex ‘Deck Director’ at Dempsey’s.

A Cat’s Poem, by Boots, ex ‘Deck Director’ at Dempsey’s.

Written by Jack Dempsey a few years ago.

Our beloved Boots died on the 14th May. His death has left such a gap in our lives and on our deck. He was a character of note, known and loved by many in our restaurant days and by our guests here at DGH.

Happy butterfly chasing Bootsie:)

A Cat’s Poem : by Boots

I must start by saying that I have two very loyal staff and as I cannot read or write, my parents are doing it on my behalf.

I just hope that they write every word that I say…so this poem can last forever and a day!

The home I live in is so much fun, my parents love me and they are the greatest bar none.

Some things I don’t understand, just makes no sense but then I am a cat and I may be a bit dense.

boots with attitude

Boots with attitude

For instance: why can they have three meals a day but when I ask for lunch they say “No Way!?”

Why can I only have breakfast and supper? Don’t they know that I have to build up my blubber?

I show them I love them ‘cause I am always lickin’ …why can’t they buy me Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Sometimes I get catnip and that’s very nice. It makes me high…and it’s like sugar and spice!

The tinned food I get is ok but it gets a bit much, why can’t they give me steak egg and chips and such?

But after saying all this, I am a happy cat ‘cause my parents love me and I have a good home, so… that’s that.

My mother wants to cuddle and sometimes it feels good. Sometimes I only allow it ‘cause I want my food!

My Dad is okay but sometimes a pain, he calls me Bok, Bok Tjops, my Boy, … so what IS my name?

Doesn’t he know that my name is Boots and I own this place?

If you don’t believe me, ask Aunties Maggin and  Carron and Grannies Mercia and Stace!

I love you Mom and Dad and everything is good. In departing, all I can say is HURRY UP AND GIVE ME MY FOOD!

So, from the Owner, Deck Director, Mayor all rolled into one, I must say that I have found my place in the sun:)

young and playful

Young and playful

building inspector boots

Building Inspector Boots


busy boots

Busy Boots