Superb drongo entertainment!

Superb drongo entertainment!

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Recently we were treated to superb entertainment right on our private deck area at Dempsey’s Guest House. The crazed entertainment was provided by a whacky Fork-tailed drongo who was born to perform. Bursting with confidence and attitude, this drongo had us pleasantly amused for a long time; the more we chatted and cheered, the more flamboyant the performance became! Ah the wonder of nature.




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Drongo Shower at Dempsey’s!

Drongo Shower at Dempsey’s!

When you can’t beat the rain, join it! While the rain was recently pounding down, one of our resident fork- tailed drongos enjoyed a lengthy rain shower. He was unphased by the attention and camera clicking. The noise in the video is the rain falling heavily on the roof close by and occasionally drops of water are visible in the video.

Soon we hope to share some photos of baby drongo birds:) Three adults are in charge of the nest in our garden and they are doing a sterling job at protecting their young.


keeping watch

Keeping watch

free as a bird

Free as a bird.

water droplets from rain shower

Water droplets from rain shower

fork-tailed drongo at dempsey's

Fork-tailed drongo at Dempsey’s


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