K’s Karoo photo selected for UK website:- www.karoodesign.com

K’s Karoo photo selected for UK website:- www.karoodesign.com


Karoo Design, one of the best design and branding agencies in the UK, selected one of Kathy’s photos to include in their revamped website. It’s the photograph taken from a national road through the Karoo, blue mountains and beautiful space surrounding. A few more photographs are waiting in the wings for the next shuffle of photographs on their website.

Karoo Design, in their own words: “We’re an independent design and branding agency with offices in London and Southampton. In today’s fast changing world, smart-thinking innovative design adds value and competitive advantage. We deliver specialist graphic design, branding and advertising services to help our clients stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients say.”

© 2015 Karoo Design Ltd
Registered in England & Wales No. 5040562
Registered address: 2 Venture Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7NP, United Kingdom
Karoo photography: © H Van Blommestein © Ryno Ferreira © Kath Rath

Kathy’s first international recognition was in 2013 when many of her photos were included in the first South African Travel App called: ” South Africa Travel the Rainbow Nation,” created and published by Charlene Smith, internationally recognized journalist and writer. Here’s the link to that story:- http://dempseys.co.za/charlene-smiths-app-south-africa-travelthe-rainbow-nation/



Locally, in 2015, Kathy’s photo was included in this great book:- “Absolutely Awesome South Africa”. Here’s the link to that story:- http://dempseys.co.za/proud-contributor-to-absolutely-awesome-south-africa-publication/


Proudly South African contributor.

The Tourism Coach is moving home to Port Elizabeth.

The Tourism Coach is moving home to Port Elizabeth.

Tourism guru, Shaun Van Eck is heading home to Port Elizabeth. He is driven by a quest to bring a revolutionary focus to the local level of tourism. Last night we attended the launch of his book “The Tourism Coach” held at the GFI Art Gallery (previously Ron Belling Gallery) Covering marketing, service excellence and self-leadership, this is the first business book in South Africa written specifically for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, from guesthouse owners and tour operators to food truck operators and rickshaw drivers. “The Tourism Coach” is a practical guide to making money from tourism.

Shaun says:
“I want to serve and inspire local tourism entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as the local tourism offices that serve them. My book is a passionate effort to communicate practical step-by-step actions that are easy to do and deliver results. Next, I would like to deliver inspiring and results-orientated talks in over fifty towns and cities and be part of creating a more engaged, connected and aligned local tourism level that works as a team to deliver authentic and engaging tourism experiences to the world. I love giving people hope and bringing the best out in them! Let’s work together and create a positive and irresistible local tourism revolution.”

“The Tourism Coach” is available at Fogarty’s Book Shop

Shop 20, Walmer Park Shopping Centre.

Tel: 041 368 1425