Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth, a beach of note.

Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth, a beach of note.

sardinia bay, port elizabeth, eastern cape, sa

Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, SA

nature at her best

Nature at her best

the sand dune climb is worth the view from the top

The sand dune climb is worth the view from the top

a delight to watch horses take command of the beach

A delight to watch horses take command of the beach

a day for a daydream: 19 nov. 2017

A day for a daydream: 19 Nov. 2017

sardinia bay, nelson mandela bay metro, eastern cape

Sardinia Bay, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Eastern Cape

Update on our frangipani seed pod seedlings.

Update on our frangipani seed pod seedlings.

In early 2015, we shared our exciting discovery of the frangipani pod in our garden. We’ve been slack in reporting on the growth progress but we have these recent photos to show you that the four ‘seed survivors’ are thriving. We managed to save approximately 18 seeds, we planted them and once they were ‘shooting’, we gave a few away as gifts. This was around May last year. Later a snail gang wiped out a further few seedlings and we were left with only four plants, these we have nurtured. We look forward to the day when the plants flower as there is a strong chance that the colour of the flowers will differ from the yellow of the original tree flower:)

002a (2)  IMG_3040a









Baby olive woodpecker:)…maybe not!

Baby olive woodpecker:)…maybe not!

Yesssss, we were able to get close to the nest and capture the baby woodpecker:)

Oops, we have erred and think that these photos are of the mum and not of the babe as we’d initially thought! Ah well, back to the wait.


001wp 003wp

Wild seas of Port Elizabeth, 4th June 2015.

Wild seas of Port Elizabeth, 4th June 2015.

The drama of nature, standing back with respect.

Nelson Mandela Bay, 4th June 2015.

boats huddling in the bay

Boats huddling in the bay

through the wire, raging seas

Through the wire, raging seas

coming through!

Coming through!

power and drama

Power and drama

Cactus bloomin’ cactus.

Cactus bloomin’ cactus.

Late January capture of nature displaying her captivating beauty.029 033 053 056 057

Thriving birdlife a few paces from where we live.

Thriving birdlife a few paces from where we live.

rork-tailed drongo

Fork-tailed drongo

black-collared barbet

Black-collared barbet



black-headed oriole

Black-headed oriole

common fiscal shrike

Common fiscal shrike

Since our darling Boots died last year we have noticed an increase in birds visiting our garden; they are venturing closer to us than before. They didn’t know that Boots was old and mellow and for years wasn’t bothered with birds! We are still to capture though the elusive Knysna Turaco, the Burchell’s Coucal and the busy mousebirds, weavers and bulbuls.

There is something about a swan…

There is something about a swan…

the grace

The grace

the dive

The dive

the search

The search

the end

The end

the style

The style

the dance

The dance

the bow

The bow

the pout

The pout

No…these swans are not to be found in our garden!

Moving slowly through Sedgefield, S.A.

Moving slowly through Sedgefield, S.A.

We recently spent a few days slowly exploring Sedgefield and loved it! We need to share its quiet beauty and amazing ‘slow town pledge’.

The town of Sedgefield in the Garden Route of the Southern Cape, South Africa has been accredited as the first Cittaslow Slow Town in Africa and the headquarters of the slow town movement for the continent. Cittaslow (which literally means ‘slow city’) originated in Italy in 1999 and represents nearly 100 towns across the world. Abiding by a list of values aimed at improving quality of life, registered Cittaslow towns celebrate diversity of cultures and promote the specialties of their own people and surroundings.
Situated 25km from Knysna and 40km from George, Sedgefield was founded in 1929 and is known as a relaxed village with a temperate climate and strong outdoors tourism industry. It boasts unspoilt beaches, the Swartvlei River estuary, several smaller lakes, nature reserves, indigenous forests, plantations and a wide array of outdoor activities including paragliding, birdwatching, mountainbiking, fishing, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, rowing and more. The town is home to talented artists, crafters and artisans while the multi award-winning “Wild Oats Community Farmers Market” and “Scarab Craft Market” have established the town as a favourite weekend destination.

The Sedgefield Slow Town Pledge:-

A quality of life for all
Living a healthy lifestyle
Looking after our elderly
Preserving traditional food
Caring for our environment
Community decision making
Having community networks
Promoting unique town events
Encouraging our young people
Working for a sustainable future
Preserving the heritage of our town
Taking time for leisure and pleasure
Controlled growth and urban planning
Encouraging awareness and education
Our community and council working together
Creating a people friendly urban environment
Promoting local markets and unique products
Supporting our local products and businesses

More information is available from:-

André Gauché     at +27 (0)44 343 2108      or       +27 (0)82 440 0200


The above information taken directly from:

slow, the sedgefield slow town tortoise

Slow, the Sedgefield Slow Town Tortoise


end of the day tranquility

End of the day tranquility

dusk over gericke's point

Dusk over Gericke’s Point

river deep mountain high

River deep mountain high

one of the many fascinating mosaic art works found in sedgefield

One of the many fascinating mosaic art works found in Sedgefield

views to soak in at sedgefield, garden route, south africa

Views to soak in at Sedgefield, Garden Route, South Africa

the blues of winter towards gericke's point, sedgefield

The blues of winter towards Gericke’s Point, Sedgefield

we spotted whales here

We spotted whales here

mesmerizing views of flawless nature

Mesmerizing views of flawless nature

dreaming spot at sedgefield

Dreaming spot at Sedgefield

Mosaic bench view

Mosaic bench view

Always ready to share:

Always ready to share:

We live in Port Elizabeth, miles and miles from the Karoo but we always enjoy hearing from ‘’ about Karoo life, Karoo travel, Karoo farm stays, Karoo towns, Karoo foods and festivals, Karoo blog, Karoo anti fracking. Today they are teaching us about the thorny ‘acacia karroo’ tree:

“For monkeys, the Acacia karroo is an all-in-one supermarket.”

“Kudus have expanded their range into the Karoo, thanks to this tree.”

“Acacia karroo leaves the earth a richer place.”

Written by: Andrew McNaughton, a popular local historian who writes the newsletter “Karoo Connections” from Seeff’s Graaff-Reinet office.

See who they are, where and how they live and what they do :

See our earlier post on anti-fracking in the Karoo…or anywhere.

karoo space.

Karoo Space.


Potent colour of spring ‘vygies’.

Potent colour of spring ‘vygies’.

Vygies are a family of jewel-like plants that are in full flower during September in South Africa. The widely used Afrikaans name vygie, which literally means ‘small fig’, is based on the fact that the top-like fruiting capsule also resembles a small fig. The best known spring-flowering vygies are the Drosanthemum, Delosperma and Lampranthus species. They include many small shrub-like plants as well as groundcovers and have an enormous range of flower colours.

Vygies or mesembryanthemums are truly South Africa’s most colourful plant group. Their silky-textured flowers, in just about every colour of the rainbow, will give an extraordinary luminosity to any border. With more than 1 800 species from which to choose, whatever your taste in plants and garden design, there will be a vygie to suit your fancy. Lampranthus species have smooth leaves, and large, shiny flowers. Delospermaspecies have conspicuous seed compartments, whilst the leaves of Drosanthemum species differ from those above because of their dew-like shiny cells on the epidermis, hence their common name, ice plant.

Info taken from:


yvygies in bloom at addo elephant park

Vygies in bloom at Addo Elephant Park


vygie bloom

Vygie bloom


rows and rows

Rows and rows


vygies at van staden's nature reserve

Vygies at Van Staden’s Nature Reserve


colour burst!

Colour burst!


Spring for Dempsey's SPRING SPECIAL:

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