The Bottlenose dolphin reigns in Algoa Bay.

The Bottlenose dolphin reigns in Algoa Bay.


Last week we attended Raggy Charters’ launch of Algoa Bay being the Bottlenose dolphin capital of the world. The venue was The Algoa Bay Yacht Club, always providing great views of the yacht basin and harbour, superb ambience and good food from The Chartroom Restaurant. Raggy Charters runs whale and dolphin-watching tours. Owner Lloyd Edwards, who is also Chairperson of the Baywatch Marine Conservation confirmed that our special Algoa Bay hosts the largest schools of Bottlenose dolphins in the world. For almost 20 years Lloyd has been monitoring the location of these dolphins along with the size of their pods. Since the Raggy tours started in 1997, dolphins have been sighted on 90% of their tours, they have been spotted on the past 28 cruises in a row. Marine biologists at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University have recently completed their study confirming that approximately 30 000 bottlenose dolphins use Algoa Bay. We look forward to the launch of a Dolphin Festival hopefully to coincide with Marine Month in October.

Dr. Lorien Pichegru, Algoa Bay Hope Spot chairperson and leading marine life researcher in SA said Algoa Bay is home to more than half of the world’s African penguin population. She said that sustainable econmic growth in Nelson Mandela Bay, could be promoted by blending blue economy and tourism through initiatives such as this one.

On the subject of the African penguin, SAMREC is Port Elizabeth’s marine bird rehabilitation and education centre situated in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve; their main aim is to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured seabirds, particularly the critically endangered African Penguin.


Take a look at our post on the new ‘3 in 1’ tour on offer by Raggy Charters:-

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The Chartroom Restaurant is open to all ABYC members, the general public and also for corporate bookings and evening functions. Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Phone 041 585 2893 or 072 462 2676.  Large groups, small conferences and all other celebrations are also catered for.

The Chartroom has an interesting and varied menu, ranging from kiddies meals to pub lunches to steaks and seafood, fresh from the ocean.

The Chartroom also caters to a host of birthday parties and weddings.

Members get to use the facility at no charge. Non Members are encouraged to support the ABYC Community Sailing Program.


Sources: PE Herald and Port Elizabeth Express newspapers, Algoa Bay Hope Spot, SAMREC, Baywatch Marine Conservation.

raggy charters poster displayed in our office at dempsey's gh

Raggy Charters poster displayed in our office at Dempsey’s GH

algoa bay: bottlenose dolphin capital of the world

Algoa Bay: Bottlenose dolphin capital of the world



K’s Karoo photo selected for UK website:-

K’s Karoo photo selected for UK website:-


Karoo Design, one of the best design and branding agencies in the UK, selected one of Kathy’s photos to include in their revamped website. It’s the photograph taken from a national road through the Karoo, blue mountains and beautiful space surrounding. A few more photographs are waiting in the wings for the next shuffle of photographs on their website.

Karoo Design, in their own words: “We’re an independent design and branding agency with offices in London and Southampton. In today’s fast changing world, smart-thinking innovative design adds value and competitive advantage. We deliver specialist graphic design, branding and advertising services to help our clients stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients say.”

© 2015 Karoo Design Ltd
Registered in England & Wales No. 5040562
Registered address: 2 Venture Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7NP, United Kingdom
Karoo photography: © H Van Blommestein © Ryno Ferreira © Kath Rath

Kathy’s first international recognition was in 2013 when many of her photos were included in the first South African Travel App called: ” South Africa Travel the Rainbow Nation,” created and published by Charlene Smith, internationally recognized journalist and writer. Here’s the link to that story:-



Locally, in 2015, Kathy’s photo was included in this great book:- “Absolutely Awesome South Africa”. Here’s the link to that story:-


Proudly South African contributor.

Cormorant conference on Bird Rock, Port Elizabeth.

Cormorant conference on Bird Rock, Port Elizabeth.

On any day, at any time you are sure to find a cormorant conference in full swing, doing a balancing act on Bird Rock along the beachfront, Port Elizabeth. Why do cormorants often stand in the sun with their wings spread out to dry? They have less preen oil than other birds so their feathers can get soaked rather than shedding water like a duck’s; wet feathers probably make it easier for cormorants to hunt underwater with agility and speed. We find them rather comical to observe, they seem to be packed with ‘attitude.’ The white-breasted cormorant in particular seems to look wrecked and jagged!

The Cape cormorant is a bird endemic to the southwestern coasts of Africa. It breeds from Namibia south to the southern Cape Province. In the nonbreeding season, it may be found as far north as the mouth of the Congo, and also extends up the east coast of South Africa as far as Mozambique. In the 1970s the breeding population was estimated as over 1 million in Namibia alone. However, the IUCN now classifies it as “Endangered” due to a very rapid decline in the population over the last three generations. The Cape cormorant is an almost entirely glossy black bird, though in breeding condition it has a purplish tinge and a few white plumes on the head, neck, and cloacal areas. Its gular skin ( throat skin) is a deep orangey yellow; unusually for a cormorant, its lores are feathered. ( the lore is the region between the eyes and nostrils of birds, reptiles, and amphibians) The bird’s wing is about 240–280 mm in extent, and it weighs 800-1,600 grams, with little sexual dimorphism. They commonly forage in flocks, taking schooling fish from mid-water, such as pilchards, anchovies, and sand eels. Its prey are typically much smaller than those of the sympatric bank cormorant. Their major predators are black-backed jackals, which take the occasional adult while it is roosting, and nest-site predators such as great cormorants, eastern great white pelicans, and kelp gulls.

Source: Wikipedia


bird rock, port elizabeth

Bird Rock, Port Elizabeth

Always a seagull around

Always a seagull around

keeping busy doing nothing

Keeping busy doing nothing

cormorant conference on bird rock, port elizabeth

Cormorant Conference on Bird Rock, Port Elizabeth

getting up close and personal with the cormorants

Getting up close and personal with the cormorants

Not quite a board meeting

Not quite a board meeting

fishing break

Fishing break



Rainbow Travel App judged one of Top 5 for 2013.

Rainbow Travel App judged one of Top 5 for 2013.

“South Africa Travel: The Rainbow Nation App” was judged one of the top five travel smartphone Apps of 2013 in the MTN Smartphone Application.

How exciting is that? So proud to have many of my photographs included in the App:) Thank you Charlene!

“South Africa Travel: The Rainbow Nation App” was the first IOS & Google Play app on South Africa and tourism to South Africa. The concept and work (ongoing) of South African writer and communications consultant, Charlene Smith, the process was aided by photographs from SA Tourism and a major purchase, and co-branding of the app by Brand South Africa. It includes more than 20,000 pics, around 75,000 links, more than 3,000 videos, more than 500 towns, cities & villages .  The app inlcudes information for business travelers, tourists, families and those with special interests e.g. extreme sports, special sporting events e.g. Comrades Marathon, culture – from book fairs, best books, to theater, art, etc. Food ranging from biltong to the winelands and restaurants. Every entry has at least 10 photographs, where to book, how much, at least one video, at least three to six additional links, website, address connected to Google maps. Although I now live in the United States I maintain close ties to my home country and persistently look for ways to positively profile it.  The author of 15 books including four on Mandela (I am an authorized biographer), I travel to South Africa at least once a year to keep my information fresh, and have a network of friends in the business, tourism, and journalism professions who ensure the app is up to date.  It has consistent 5-star ratings, although 3 months ago the distributor (SutroMedia in San Francisco) developed a bug in their systems (they were hacked) and all apps had to be resubmitted, which meant we all lost our ratings and are now in the slow process of regaining them from new users.

Above info directly taken from :

And here’s our posting for you to once more peruse – on Charlene and her App.



charlene smith

Charlene Smith










Moods of beautiful Mossel Bay, Garden Route, South Africa. No words needed…

Moods of beautiful Mossel Bay, Garden Route, South Africa. No words needed…

gorgeous mossel bay view

Gorgeous Mossel Bay view


along the point walkway

Along The Point Walkway

boardwalk views

Boardwalk views

stone building, mossel bay

Stone building, Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay stone building 1909

Mossel Bay stone building 1909

beautiful sand stone building

Beautiful sand stone building

point walk, mossel bay

Point walk, Mossel Bay

point rocks

Point rocks

mossel bay view

Mossel Bay view

die poort

Die Poort

die poort mossel bay

Die Poort Mossel Bay

No words needed…


Moods of beautiful Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa.

Moods of beautiful Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa.

No words needed…

thesen island proprty

Thesen Island proprty

thesen property

Thesen Island property

the knysna pink loerie festival

The Knysna Pink Loerie Festival

quaint church

Quaint church

thesen island

Thesen Island

the knysna heads from afar

The Knysna Heads from afar

the knysna heads

The Knysna Heads

knysna lagoon moods

Knysna Lagoon moods

knysna lagoon

Knysna Lagoon

huge beaded geckos

Huge beaded geckos