Environmentally conscious at Dempsey’s.

Environmentally conscious at Dempsey’s.

We conserve energy by using a heat pump to heat all water on the property. We use as many energy-saving light bulbs as possible. All our showers are fitted with water saving shower roses. We harvest rain water for use in our laundry; we plan on having more rain tanks for harvesting of rain water to our guest rooms. We recycle: paper, plastic, tins, glass and encourage our guests to do the same. Our garden is completely natural, we don’t apply fertilisers or pesticides of any kind. We are kind to our environment and to our guests too:)

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Front garden at Dempsey's Guest House

Front garden at Dempsey’s Guest House

'Cup of gold' flower.

‘Cup of gold’ flower.

'Camel's foot' tree.

‘Camel’s foot’ tree.

All natural at Dempsey's Guest House.

All natural at Dempsey’s Guest House.